Ancient Rome Lapbook Mini-books

These are the mini-books used in the ancient Rome lapbook. Corresponding SOTW 1 chapters are in parentheses. Where no chapter is given, information came for supplementary materials suggested in the SOTW 1 Activity Guide. For descriptions of mini-books, follow this link

This book is made with two left-hand extensions and one top extension. One left-side extension is attached directly to the left flap of the file folder. The other left-side extension is attached to the first with a paper hinge.

1. Match book on Hannibal and the Punic Wars, with a map from SOTW 1 Activity Guide (29)
2. Shutter fold comparing the treatment of Jews (38) and Christians (39)under the Roman Empire
3. Simple fold on the Etruscans (27)
4. Shutter fold containing a page-size map of the Roman Empire, from SOTW1 Activity Guide (34)
5. Pentagonal flower fold on Roman gods. Roman names on the outside of petals, Greek equivalents inside the petals. Interior pentagon has a narration.(28)
6. Pentagonal flower fold with vocabulary from SOTW 1: rhetoric, stalemate, navy, peninsula, triumvirate
7. Pentagonal flower fold with Latin phrases & cultural allusions: Veni, Vidi, Vici (35); the Ides of March(35); Et tu, Brute?(35); Pax Romana; crossing the Rubicon (35)
8. Tri-fold on clothes and food.
9. Simple fold on Romulus and Remus (27)
10. Folded flapbook comparing Nero (39) and Augustus (36)
11. Cross book on the life of Jesus Christ (37)
12. Simple fold on Constantine the Great (39)
13. Stapled book containing a lengthy report on Julius Caesar. This was a long-term language arts project with student wrote long hand, and which I typed to put into his book. (34, 35)
14. Tri-fold on Roman engineering; front flap cut to form an arch (28)
15. Heptagonal flower fold featuring Roman numerals
16. Tri-fold on mosaics
17. Quadri-fold on Roman government: senate (34), consul (34), dictator (35), emperor (36)
18. Window book on barbarians: Boadicea (40), Attila (41), Stilicho (41), Visigoths (41), Vandals (41)
19. Three-flap matchbook fold on Roman people: patricians, plebians, slaves
20. Tri-fold travel brochure for the gladiatorial games (28)
21. Tri-fold comparing Greek ideal sculpture with realistic Roman portrait sculpture
22. Modified tetrahedron fold on Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii.

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