Ancient Rome Lapbook

This book was made by a first grader while working through The Story of the World, volume 1 by Susan Wise Bauer. Follow this link for a complete listing of mini-books in this lapbook, correlated to SOTW.

Ancient Rome Lapbook Cover

Cover, featuring the floor of a Pompeii villa, cut from National Geographic

ancient Rome lapbook open

Cover open, extensions closed.

ancient rome lapbook extensions open

Left and top extensions open. More detail on the mini-books you see here.

left side detail of ancient Rome lapbook

Left: shutter fold opens to reveal a map of the Roman Empire from Story of the World v. 1 Activity Book.
Center: Three pentagonal "flower" folds. The green and blue folds are closed; the purple fold is the same kind of mini-book, opened. A closed heptagonal flower fold can be seen on the far right of the previous picture.

page one of barbarian window book last page of barbarian window book

This is a window book on barbarians that presents each barbarian as part of a "Rogue's Gallery." Seen on the left is Boadicea of the Celts, the first page. On the right are the Vandals, the last page of the book. You can see how the window are progressively cut to reveal one new barbarian per page.

See a complete list of mini-books used in this lapbook.

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