Renaissance and Reformation Lapbook

This book was made in record time (about three weeks) using Story of the World volume 2 as a jumping-off point. Other notable resources included Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World, Starry Messenger by Peter Sis, and the Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists series by Mike Venezia. A complete list of mini-books in this lapbook is also available for viewing and printing.

Renaissance and Reformation lapbook cover

Cover: Fortitude by Boticelli; Moses by Michelangelo

Renaissance and Reformation lapbook open

The book is open here, with the extenstions closed.
Left side (top to bottom): simple folds on the Age of Exploration, the printing press, and William Shakespeare
Center (top to bottom): Flap book on Renaissance popes, simple fold on Martin Luther, a comparison chart of Martin Luther and Henry VIII
Right: layered books with Reformation and Renaissance vocabulary and a shutter fold containing a comparison chart between Catholic and Protestant churches at the time of the Reformation.
You can see a complete list of mini-books correlated to SOTW 2 here.

Renaissance and Reformation lapbook extensions open

Here you can see the top extension flipped up and the right hand extensions fully opened. New books in this picture include: Center left (top to bottom): tri-fold on the Council of Trent, a map of Europe after the Counter-Reformation, a wheel showing the wives of Henry VIII, a tri-fold detailing three types of Shakespearean plays, a folded flap book comparing Mary I with Elizabeth I.
Center right: tri-fold on scientific models of the universe, a folded flap book about Galileo and Copernicus, a wheel showing the steps in the scientific method
Right: a stapled book showing copies of art masterpieces from the Italian Renaissance; simple fold on Lorenzo de Medici

Renaissance and Reformation mini-books open

Here you can see some of the books opened, just to get an idea of how they are all put together.

Renaissance and Reformation back cover

Back cover: About the Author bio and a student reproduction of the Mona Lisa

See a complete list of mini-books used in this lapbook.

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