Middle Ages Lapbook Mini-book List

All books are simple folds, unless otherwise indicated. Story of the World 2 chapters given in parentheses. Descriptions of the different mini-books can be read here.

Left flap:
1. What were the Middle Ages?
2. Barbarians Attack!--the sack of Rome(1)
3. Stapled small book: Medieval Book of Laws and Rules covering Benedictine rule, the Code of Justinian, Salic Law, the chivalric code (4, 11, 17, 19)

Half sheets with interior books:
1. What was the Byzantine Empire? (4)
1a. Tri-fold--Hagia Sophia
1b. Shutter fold--Justinian and Theodora
1c. Shutter fold--Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus
2. What was the Islamic Empire? (6, 7, 12, 13)
2a. Tri-fold-biography of Muhammad
2b. Five pillars of Islam
2c. the Quran
2d. Muslim conquest of Spain
2e. Shutter fold--Charles Martel and the Battle of Tours
3. What was Feudalism? (16)
3a. Tri-fold--steps in becoming a knight
3b. Medieval health and hygiene
3c. graphic depicting feudalism as a pyramid
3d. weird fold entitled "Giving and Getting in Feudalism"
4. Who were the Vikings? (14)
4a. Flap fold on Eric the Red and Leif Ericson
4b. Pentagonal flower on the Norse gods & the days of the week
4c. Square fold on Viking life: food, clothing, transportation, shelter
5. Who were the Mongols? (21, 22)
5a. Genghis Khan
5b. Kublai Khan
5c. The Silk Route
5d. Marco Polo
6. What were the Crusades? (18)
6a. The First Crusade
6b. The People's Crusade
6c. Saladin
7. What was the Black Death? (25)
7a. Wheel--plague cycle, from SOTW 2 Activity Book
7b. Flap book--Medieval beliefs about causes and cures for the plague, with modern beliefs
7c. List of bubonic plague symptoms

Books under the half sheets:
1. Medieval literature
1a. How King Arthur Got Excalibur (17)
1b. The Arabian Nights (history and summary) (7)
1c. Read the Medieval Bible--illuminated manuscripts (3)
1d. The Epic of Beowulf--history and summary (2)
1e. Robin Hood--history and summary (19)
1f. The Canterbury Tales--overview and summary (18)
2. Medieval France & England
2a. Clovis: King of the Franks (11)
2b. The New Roman Emperor (Charlemagne) (13)
2c. The Bayeux Tapestry (15)
2d. The First King of England (Alfred the Great) (15)
2e. Double shutter fold: The Hundred Years' War (26)
(Joan of Arc, Henry V, the Battle of Agincourt, and the Battle of Orleans)
2f. Flap fold--the Norman Conquest (15)
(Edward the Confessor, Harold the Unfortunate, William the Conqueror)
2g. Tri-fold--the Plantagenet Dynasty (Henry II, Richard I, John) (19)
2h. The Wars of the Roses (27)
2i. Monarchs of York and Lancaster (27)
3. Medieval Christianity
3a. folded flap book on famous Monks (Benedict and Gregory the Great)
3b. folded flap book on early Missionaries (St. Patrick & St. Augustine of Canterbury)(3)
4. Other folds:
4a. Four parts of medieval society (nobility, clergy, peasantry, specialists)
4b. Timeline of the Middle Ages
4c. Right flap--fold out page-size flap with labeled parts of a Norman castle

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