Letter C Lapbook

This book, too, was used as a therapy tool, which caused some wear (e.g., missing clock hands).

Thoroughly unimpressive cover--I was getting tired by the time we hit "C."

Inside Left (top to bottom): a "box" of crayons made from a really high pocket fold with a flap, a simple book calendar, an accordion fold with "c" animals
Center (clockwise): Texture gym in a tri-fold, a pocket fold holding cards to play a coin matching game, a clock, a quad-fold discussing "C" plants
Right: a "slate" made from page protector to simulate the Handwriting Without Tears slate. Christopher's Clothes Closet is made of a long pocket fold that was folded accordion style, then bound at one end with staples. It ties shut.

The folds opened
Left: The crayon box is full of crayons
Center: The texture gym includes foam, felt, pipe cleaner, and cork; the quad-fold on plants uses each plant to discuss plant parts (cactus-stem, clover-leaves, carrots-roots, carnation--flower); The coin match game includes words, picture of obverse and converse of coins, and values.
Right: Christopher's clothes closet contains a paper doll-- here is Christopher with his cowboy clothes. He also has a costume, a shirt with a car on it, and clean clothes.

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