Letter B Lapbook

This book was also used as a therapy tool, hence its worn appearance.

Front Cover

View of open book Left: circular pocket holding "B" colors, texture gym tri-fold Center: Ark entitled "Noah's Big Boat"--holds a card game, "B" handwriting sheet cut from Handwriting Without Tears "Letters and Numbers for Me" book Right: Basket shaped tri-fold, layered book with "B" characters

Center and right flaps:Noah's Ark cards featuring "b" animals for matching, "Go Noah" or "Old Noah;" under Noah's ark is a Bible, featuring summaries of Bible stories; a quadri-fold featuring musical instruments that start with B (one per instrument family).

Left flap: Color circle out of pocket; texture gym detail, including pipe cleaner, sandpaper and ribbon (felt not shown)

Right: Flap of handwriting sheet folds down to reveal instrument quadri-fold and a letter "B" art gallery--fine art with subjects that start with "B."

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