Human Body Lapbook

This book shows that lapbooking can be a simple, non-fancy endeavor. All of the folds are simple folds, eight detailing different systems of the human body, one each for teeth and senses. This book was made by a first grader.

human body lapbook cover

Cover: Banners with title and Psalm 139:14 "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Decorated with handprints.

human body lapbook open

Top row (left to right): Circulatory system, skeletal system, digestive system, reproductive system, immune system.

Bottom row (left to right): respiratory system, muscular system, nervous system, the five senses, teeth

human body mini-books open

Some of the simple folds shown open. I did Google Image searches for the graphics, then took dictation for my first grader's narrations. Sample narration: "The muscular system is made up of muscles. Your muscles help you move. You cannot move without your muscles. Muscles work in pairs. One muscle gets shorter, and the other gets longer, and you move. Your muscles are attached to your bones."

human body lapbook back cover

Back cover includes date, about the author, and photos from an activity we did to study bones.

I drew along each child's bones with a blue washable marker, and circled all of their joints with a red washable marker. They enjoyed walking around like this pretending to be skeletons. (My middle child incidentally had to go to urgent care the night of this project--the staff there thought this was a pretty cool exercise!)

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