Ancient Greece Lapbook

This book was made by a first grader while working through The Story of the World, volume 1 by Susan Wise Bauer. Follow this link for a complete listing of mini-books in this lapbook, correlated to SOTW.

Ancient Greece Lapbook Cover

The Cover

ancient Greece lapbook open

This lapbook has two extensions on the left that fold out (orange extension shown) and one extension that flips up (red). In this photo you can seea shutterfold on Athens and Sparta (yellow), a shutterfold on the roles of men and women (orange) a tri-fold travel brochure for the Olympics, a layered book with vocabulary from Story of the World (frieze, labyrinth, etc.),the Greek Alphabet, and a biography of Homer.

ancient Greece lapbook extensions open

Here the left orange extension is unfolded to reveal a green extension. The top extension is also open. Mini-books shown here are: Red extension open: a six-window shutterfold on Greek heroes, a green simple book on mythical creatures, a green tri-fold on Greek architecture, a simple yellow fold on Greek art, an accordion fold on early Greeks, five simple folds on famous Greeks,a blue quadri-fold on life in ancient Greece, and a shutterfold of Greek warfare.

art and architecture folds open

Art and architecture folds open

under the Greek alphabet book

The Greek alphabet mini-book opens to the left on a paper hinge to reveal the English equivalent of Greek words, a pocket fold that has flap that opens to reveal information on Homer and Aesop, and mini-books in the ancient library that include The Iliad, The Odyssey, and one of Aesop's fables.

ancient Greece lapbook back over

Back Cover
Pizza book about the Greek gods doubles as Mount Olympus, and is stored in a cloud-shaped pocket fold. About the Author shows the author wearing a crown of leaves and posing in a manner that he feels is heroic.

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