Ancient Egypt Lapbook

This book was made by a first grader while working through The Story of the World, volume 1 by Susan Wise Bauer. Follow this link for a complete listing of mini-books in this lapbook, correlated to SOTW.

ancient Egypt lapbook cover

The Cover: right hand strip says "Ancient Egypt" in transliterated hieroglyphics, with my student's name in the cartouche. The large picture is from an old National Geographic.

ancient Egypt lapbook open

Blue extension (clockwise):
Tri-fold shape-book on the three Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt.
Simple fold on the Nile
Pizza book on Egyptian deities
Tetrahedron book on the Great Pyramid

The red extension is attached with a paper hinge, and is on famous Pharaohs.

ancient Egypt lapbook extensions open

Red extension open-more famous Pharaohs.

Center panel: Bible Heroes in Egypt (red). King Tut's tomb (blue).

Right: Magazine photo in page protector secured by a paper hinge to the right fold seam.

ancient Egypt mummy mini-book

If the magazine photo is turned on its hinge toward the center of the book, you can see a tri-fold on mummies.

Back cover (not shown) has a photo of the Saqqara pyramid and an About the Author section that includes a photo of the author in an Egyptian head covering.

See a complete list of mini-books used in this lapbook.

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