Astronomy Lapbooks

These lapbooks are the first books I've made with two children at once. I worked through Usborne's First Encyclopedia of Space with my kindergartener and second grader. I went through the book ahead of time, decided which information should be included in the books, made two sets of mini-books to hold the information, and kept each set of books (along with an assortment of graphics from Google Image Search) in a freezer-size Ziploc. This allowed me to work with each boy at his ability level without dealing with the physical aspect of lapbooking. Completion of this lapbook also fulfilled requirements for my 2nd grader to earn his Astronomy academic belt loop for Cub Scouts. Follow this link for a complete list mini-books in these lapbooks.

Kindergarten Astronomy Cover Second Grade Astronomy Cover

Kindergarten Cover on left, 2nd-grade cover on right. Large graphics from National Geographic. It is easy to find cheap or free back issues at library book stores.

Kindergarten Astronomy Open

Second Grade Astronomy Open

Covers open: Kinder book on top; 2nd on bottom. You can see that the folds and images are all the same between the books. Both books have a right flap extension and a center extension that flips up.

Kindergarten Astronomy Extensions Open Second Grade Astronomy Extensions Open

Extension flaps open, kindergarten book on left, second grade book on right.
These photos demonstrate two different layouts for the same set of mini-books. All mini-books in these lapbooks are visible on this page. To see a list of all mini-books in this lapbook correlated to the Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space, click here.

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